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career coaching

An extensive personal coaching program consisting:

  • six two hour personal coaching sessions,

  • a 12 month access to our Online Happy at Work Academy,

  • exercises and webinars to help you create your personal action plan.



A practical three hour session in which we will:

  • update your cv,

  • create your LinkedIn profile and define your Personal Brand Statement,

  • access to our Online Happy at Work Academy Personal Branding videos and workbook to prepare for your coaching session.


When I started on my happiness at work program I was afraid of leaving my stable position, even though it gave me more pain than enjoyment. I guess my greatest fear was to find myself in a completely unknown and uncertain situation. I've probably never felt so at ease with somebody when talking about my struggles like I have with Mirian. She listened to me a lot, she was open and shared her point of view as well, and she was never judgmental. I am of the idea that everyone should engage in a career-guidance or personal-growth program early on in his/her career. It helped me, I guess, mitigating my black-or-white way of seeing the world. A deeper understanding of myself.

I am Mirian van Leeuwen, an experienced career coach, outplacement- and mobility consultant and interim corporate recruiter. Working from a Positive Psychological perspective makes me an excellent coach to help you gain a clear perspective in your talents and who you really are. My extensive knowledge of the recruitment market will help you with defining realistic goals and gain insight into your possibilities in the job market. Do you know who you want to be in the workplace? What kind of job brings out the best in you and uses your talents to the maximum? And in what kind of environment do you thrive?

We will start with an introductory meeting to see how I can help and support you. After our appointment I will write a personal coach plan including the investment needed.

In my career coaching I use the “Happy at Work 9 steps to a fulfilling career" program. In addition to personal coaching sessions you will get a 12 month access to our online Happy at Work Academy. This is an online environment where you will find exercises, tools and webinars to help you with your “9 steps to a fulfilling career”. The nine steps that will help you write and create your personal action plan:

  1. discover your true talents.

  2. describe and verbalize your values.

  3. what are your motivators (what makes your truly happy).

  4. define what you are looking for in your future employer/job.

  5. write your Personal Profile.

  6. formulate your personal definition of success.

  7. analyze your personal job market.

  8. create your Personal Brand Statement.

  9. define your action plan.

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